Material memories of our ancestors were preserved by time, the wonderful world of shapes from several thousand years of Hungarian culture, the reflections of our credo. These affect us until this day. As folk artists our task is to take care of and carry on Hungarian traditions. We have several wood carver folk artist students.
This motivates us when designing and carving folk art inspired public playground toys, the making of a see-saw or a jungle gym. As a creator my main concern is not whether our work is art or not. It is much more important to do everything the best possible way within the boundaries of our abilities and opportunities. Also, children's toys need to be safe.

Two wood carvers and three kindergarten teachers: this is our family business "setup". During the past one and a half decades we have made toys for over a hundred kindergartens and city governments.
1991. From this year on we have continuously been jurying wooden toys mainly for playground development, at the Hungarian Cultural Institute. (Formerly called NIT. ) Our toys have been approved by Kermi Ltd. against Hungarian standards. We have received the Honour of the President of the Republic of Hungary, the Official Cross for our creative activities in 1991.

H-7100 Szekszárd
Bródy Sándor u. 21.